Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Welcome to Term 4 in Room 10

Term 4 

We have a busy term ahead...  

Today we celebrated our class Mass.  A big thank you to those parents and supporters who  were able to come.  Father Sebastian took our Mass, and every child in the class had a part to play.   The children did a great job, and they all really stepped up, and their parents can be very proud of them.     

Genesis and Junior

Tomorrow we have Parent - Teacher - Student Interviews.  School will finish at 12.00.  If you have not made a time and would like an interview please go to www.schoolinterviews.co.nz  use our school code khebf and book a time.

On Friday 16th of November @ 10.00 we will be having our class assembly. Please come along to see us celebrate the learning we have done this year.

On Monday 19th of November, Rooms 8, 9 and 10 will be walking to Tui Glen to participate in some fun activities. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A letter with more information will be sent home within the next few days.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Welcome to Term 2

Wednesday 20th June
We have been busy!
Every Wednesday we have dance lessons with 'Footsteps'.  Its a highlight of our week.


Last Friday we were lucky enough to have the Science Roadshow visit our school.  We learned a little about our digestive system.  Our small intestine is so long ... and then there was a mountain of fake poo which a lot of students were very excited about.

There were lots of science exhibitions that we were able to interact with.
Jaiyden at the Wind Tunnel
Nikhil and Genesis enjoying the kaleidoscope

You should never try to race a skeleton Suleyman  

Best buddies, Mikela and Tesmaria

Wednesday 30th May
Yesterday we had a visit from a coach for the New Zealand Olympic Diving Team.  He is looking for talent to represent our country in the future.  Of course our room is full of talent!  
We watched a short video of some Olympic divers.  Then we showed him how flexible we are.  We jumped as high as we could, so he could see how high we jump, then we showed how high we can bring our knees when we jump.  


27th May

A reminder to parents - The school is closed on Friday 1st June for a Teachers' Only Day.

Wednesday (30th May) is the final day for supporters' money to come in for the Fun Run.  As you can see we have some great runners in our class.

Bee Update!

Althean has recently shared some of his personal writing on a visit we had with a Bee Keeper late last term - here it is:

"On Monday 9th April, a beekeeper came to our school.  She brought a beehive.  She also had beekeeper uniforms for good children.  She brought a video of bees swarming and worker bees protecting their queen.  Then she split everyone into two groups to see the hive full of bees.  We put our ears close to the bees, and we could hear humming sounds.  'Swarming' means they are grouping to form another hive.  She also brought dead queens for people to see.  After that we asked questions.  I answered one question which was 'Why do bees die when they sting?'  The beekeeper was very happy and asked everyone to clap for me.  I was very thankful that my mum explained the process to me."

Thank you Althean!  Here are some of our photos.


We have made a number of discoveries about the chemical reaction that takes place when vinegar and baking soda are mixed.  The mixture foams, produces carbon dioxide, and changes temperature - it becomes colder!  We have also discovered that if the balloon has a tear, ENERGY is a byproduct of the reaction too (and the mixture sprays everywhere!)
Putting Baking Soda into the balloon
The vinegar is in the bottle, the baking soda is in the balloon ready to mix

The balloon inflating shows us that gas is produced as a result of the reaction.

This term our focus is SCIENCE.  In particular we are studying the Material World.  We will ask questions and investigate materials and substances in our world.  

The questions we will be seeking to answer are:

  1. How does the Holy Spirit help us to discover the world around us?
  2. What is the role of a scientist?
  3. Why carry out investigations?
  4. How can we check our ideas?

We will take on the role of a scientist and observe, describe and compare the physical and chemical properties of common materials and the changes that take place when they are mixed, warmed and cooled.

Our Knowledge Statement

While conducting our experiments we will remember that the world around us was created by God, so the more we explore our world the more we understand our loving God.  To do this children will need to observe the world around them and critically analyse the physical properties of materials, and substances and changes that take place under certain conditions. 

Sunday, 11 February 2018


Dear Parents and supporters of the students of Room 10.   Welcome to our class blog. 

Watch this space and find out all of the great things we can do!

Remember to click on our Religious Education page (above) to stay up to date with what is happening. 

Recently we took part in the Warehouse School Kit programme.  Its been fun!  We have had to discover lots of things about each other.  We have also written metaphor and similes about ourselves and sent them off to our buddy school - Tokomaru School in Palmeston North.  We are excitedly waiting for their pack arriving in our classroom so that we can find out about them!

Finally, our metaphors have arrived!

Tereina is a cute cupcake.  She is yummy.
Isla is an artist.  She can make a snowflake.
Rome is a big cheetah.  He runs like the wind and thunder.
Nathan is a funny juggler.  He likes to make people laugh.
Eluzian is a rainbow.  She comes out when the rain goes.
Miah is a pretty unicorn, she dances.
Bronson is a cute kitten, fluffy and warm.
Jiselle is a slithering caterpillar, that eats and stops.
Jaidyn's ears move like butterflies when the neighbours scream.
Nikhil is Flash.  He runs so fast he turns into lightning.
Genesis is a clever monkey that throws his own green toys into his toy box.
Logan is a unicorn, she makes rainbows in the sky.
Christian is a big, fat monkey that eats bananas.
Nevaeh is a funny monkey, silly and cheeky.
Kahlan is a clever fox, and he is fast.
Mikela is a happy chick that goes "tweet, tweet."
Tesmaria is a cheeky monkey that swings on branches at night.
Suleyman is a speedy lightning bolt that flashes through the night when everyone's asleep.
Althean's a cheetah who runs so fast that he is only a whizzing blur of gold.
Chrisella is a fast cheetah that runs everywhere.
Emanuella is a striped cheetah who runs fast.
Elijah is Hulk, jumping so high from jet to jet.
Rohaan is like a slow turtle.
Michael is a tough bull and he is strong.

Along with our metaphors, they will find out we are multi-talented.  Here are some interesting facts that even you might not know...

We can cross our eyes

We are able to lick or elbows 

Here, we are rolling our tongues

Math: our learning in Math is progressing well. We have been learning to add two digit numbers with a total of over 100.

This is the problem we were working on:

In the weekend, Althean went to the mall to spend his birthday money.  
He bought a lego set for $65, a super soaker for $24, and a skateboard for $34.
How much money did he spend?

Fun Day: we had a great time! It was wonderful to see so many children with their parents.  The water slide was popular as usual.

Monday 5th March
On Wednesday 7th March Holy Cross is celebrating 2018 with a 'Fun Evening.'  We start at 5 o'clock and go through to 7 o'clock.  For the first hour there will be a sausage sizzle, bouncy castle and of course the water slide - so children bring your swimming togs and a towel.  Then there will be time to meet your child's teacher and visit our class.  We are looking forward to showing you around.

On Friday 9th March the Commissioning Mass will be celebrated in Holy Cross Church at 10.30 you are welcome to join us.


We have made a good start to the year. Swimming is progressing well. Your children have started the safety portion of their lessons. They have learned how to float in a life jacket and have been learning how to 'bunch' together to save energy in case of a group accident.

Welcome to Term 4 in Room 10

Term 4   We have a busy term ahead...   Today we celebrated our class Mass.  A big thank you to those parents and supporters who  were...